Interested in raising alpacas for yourself, or do you already have some and want to learn more?

Attend a FREE seminar at the show!  We are putting together the schedule for the 2017 show Here is a list of seminars for the 2017 show, to give you an idea of what to look forward to!


9:00 – 10:00 am – “Discussion on Various Alpaca Health and Breeding Issues” 

Dr.Lynn Peterson from Kettle Hills Veterinary services will discuss some issues.  He graduated from the Purdue University of Veterinary Medicine in 1989 and moved to Hartford, WI were he established his practice. He has been treating alpacas for over 15 years and enjoys teaching about them.

10:30 – 11:30 am –   “Learn about Fiber Sorting”

“What grade of fiber is your animal?” There are three methods of determining grading. Know the different methods of sorting.  Learn the history and have a better understanding of your herd.  Grades of fiber and what are best products made from that grade. Bring one of your alpaca fleeces to be graded and have a better understanding of your own breeding program. Georgia Meyer of Silver Creek Alpaca in one of seventeen “Certified Sorters” in the United States. She has sorted over 1000 alpaca fleeces. Georgia has produced her brand of socks: Alpaca Tundra Socks made here in Wisconsin.

12:00 – 1:00 pm –  “Using EPD results in your breeding plans” 

Learn how to use the EPD MATE SELECTOR to help find an excellent male for breeding.  This seminar is being presented by Jim Konyn of Hums of Faith Suris.  He will go over each trait telling what each means.  He will have what the blank Mate Selector looks like, some examples of using different percentages in selecting, the resulting males found by the selector for the different traits chosen and what the difference is in the trait numbers means.  Will give examples of different selections in his herd for a female and male and the end result, the cria and were the cria ended up in the EPD results.  Also, he will show how to determine the percentile of the animal by using the animals rank.

1:30 – 2:30 pm  – ” Getting to Know Your Alpaca Fiber – Fiber Evaluation, best uses, and Processing Options”

Learn about alpaca fiber from Christian Davies of C & M Acres Fiber Mill located in Maxwell, Iowa. He and his wife, Michelle raise both huacaya and suri alpacas.  They are very involved in the alpaca industry including showing, breeding stock, fiber processing, fiber arts and providing educational seminars. In 2012 they started their fiber mill and can handle all processing steps in house.  They process all types of fiber into roving, bumps, batts, felt and yarn.

This seminar will discuss alpaca fiber, how to evaluate fiber, micron, histograms,how fine is fine,tensile strength, staple length, density, what can affect the fiber and what it can be used for. He will also cover fiber processing options: hand processing and machine processing through a mill. What steps needed in mill processing and why the mills charge so much.

3:00 – 4:00 –  ” Thinking of getting into the alpaca business? Attend this seminar!!”

Dr. Michelle Pressler and her husband, William Ward, founded iMpress Alpacas, in 2012 and boarded the first year of alpaca ownership.  After the purchase of their farm and foundation herd, they were formally in the alpaca business.

This seminar is meant as an introductory walk into alpaca species, animal husbandry and general information on what is required in getting started in the alpaca business.

The speaker will go over some initial considerations in getting up and running in this fantastic business.  The talk will include current hot topics such as the kinds of alpacas to consider, farm requirements, alternatives to actually living on the farm, EPD program, and what to do with the ultimate product, alpaca fiber.

Bring you questions! If you are too shy to ask your questions during the seminar, drop your questions in the seminar box in the iMpress Alpaca booth.


9:30 -10 am –  “Learn about ACOA and Their Fleece Collection”

Sally Schmidt from Sabamba Alpaca and a board member of the Alpaca Coalition of America is presenting about ACOA mission statement, past fiber collections, this year’s collection.

10:30 – 11am – Learn What is Happening with the New CO-OP

Elden Harms from Token Creek Alpacas will give a short presentation on what is happening with the new fiber co-op.Title: Showing: from the Judges Perspective – Judge Wade will give positive suggestions for optimum ring performance.  Learn about common faults seen in the ring.  Open Q & A

11:30 – 12:30 pm – Showing: from the Judges Perspective

Judge Wade will give positive suggestions for optimum ring performance.  Learn about common faults seen in the ring.  Open Q & A

Bio: Alpaca Industry Aficionado  Wade Gease is an AOA certified senior alpaca judge, judge training instructor, presenter and consultant/mediator for the worldwide alpaca industry.  He was previous co-owner of LondonDairy Alpacas for 18 years.  He now unveils his own wholesale/retail product lines and services at