Fiber Arts Classes

Join us for the 4th annual Wisconsin Alpaca and Fiber Fest! It is an exciting time with an alpaca show and fiber festival rolled into one great event!  We are currently working on the class lineup.  Classes are taught by vendors, so please check back closer to the show for more details! All the instructors giving classes are responsible to register and collect their class fees.  The Wisconsin Alpaca & Halter show is not involved in doing registrations or collecting fees.  Here is the class schedule so far for the 2017 show with the date shown to give you an ideal of what classes are being offered. We are still adding classes.  Also, there will be demonstrations by some of the vendors at their vendor booths throughout the weekend.




Make a needle felted heart pendant or bead using your alpaca, cat, dog or rabbit’s fur. Decorate it with a Celtic knot, name, or initials in felted yarn. Please bring a bag of your pets fur, enough to fill a quart size zip lock bag should make enough at least one heart. Fur collected by brushing is best. Also, bring colorful scraps of wool yarn or roving if you have them, for details on your pendant. There will some available if you don’t.

Instructor: Ingrid Francis Stark from Ingrid the Crafty. She will put Celtic Knot work on anything. Or make jewelry out of anything that holds still long enough. She has been needle felting for about two years, and creating out of whatever she could get her hands on since she was a child.

Class Fee: $15 plus cost of felting needles payable upon registration.  Email  to register, pay either by PayPal or at her booth at the show.

Class will be held on Saturday, April 29th from 8:30 am – 9:30 am


Learn to use needle felting techniques to make spirit dolls of wool roving, and embellish her orFeltedSpiritDolls him with wool, beads,shells and/or feathers.  Basic materials, including needles and an   assortment  of embellishments will be supplied.     You  supply your creativity and  any special bits you would like to incorporate.  Maximum class size is 20 students.

INSTRUCTOR:  Ingrid Francis Starks from Ingrid the Crafty.  Her bio is above.

Class Fee:  $20 (includes 2 needles) To register email . Pay either by PayPal or at her booth at the show.

Class will be held on Sunday, April 30th from 1:30 pm – 3 pm 



MAKING BUTTONS FROM FISH LEATHER                                                                                                                        

This class will provide instruction on how to choose the leather best suited for making buttons: texture, thickness, etc. Students will first practice on a piece of fabric and then make buttons out of the provided fish leather. Students will be able to select color from a wide variety of fish leathers. Class discussion will also cover choosing the proper button size when planning their fashion project. When finished with the class- the student will take home four completed buttons: 1 from fabric and 3 fish leather buttons. Class limited to 10 students.  Material for the class will be provided for a small fee.

Instructor: Pamela Manthei – Pamela has loved design and color from childhood. Designing clothes and accessories for paper dolls was more fun than playing with them. Her first formal sewing instruction began in 7th grade where the teacher (God bless Mrs. Nelson) gave her personal instruction and encouragement through advanced projects (Vogue patterns). By high school her goal was to make a garment from raw products.  That goal did not get accomplished until she learned to spin wool in 1982. She could then take raw product ( raw wool), spin it, weave or knit it into garment. She continued spinning and knitting until ‘discovering’ fish leather during a vacation to Iceland in 2011.  After the Icelandic vacation, she returned to her first love of sewing. The colors of the leather are reminiscent of silk. The textures are unique by species, dye and finish. The first projects she did were embellishing fabrics with pieces of fish leather. As her skills have grown, she now makes items entirely from fish leather. She continues to try new combinations of leathers and fabrics for utilitarian items but with an eye for color and texture.  She also is working towards mixed media designs in various applications: pillow, quilting, canvas.  Her imagination is relentless when it comes to fish leather and art.  Her greatest joy is to others get a glimpse of the possibilities.  There is no end to the opportunities through art, including fish leather!

Class Fee: $15, payable upon registration. An additional $10 material fee is payable in class. Email to register.

Class will be held on Saturday, April 29th at 10:30 to 12 (noon)


This dyepot class will focus on the individual needs of the student. There will be enough supplies that Ellen will be able to teach a basic rainbow dyepot to dyeing for specific colors. Bring in up to 8 oz of yarn, fiber or fabric to be dyed.

Instructor: Ellen Sullivan has been involved in fiber arts for 30+ years. She has been involved with spinning for over 20 years, and is a willing teacher waiting to share her knowledge with you, on any and all fibers from angora to yak!  As well as knitting from A to Z. Ellen has taught at 3 prior Spin ins, other fiber shows. local fiber shops and done some one on one instruction. She was the hutch mother to 8 rabbits, cranky sock machines, a standard and bulky knitting machine, and a loom that is still teasing her.

Class Fee: Cost is $35, which includes dye and instructions. Maximum of 15 students. Email for registration details.

Class will be held on Saturday April 29th  10 am to 12 noon.IMG_20140414_102408_658-1

Knitting A Neck Down Sweater

Starting a sweater from the neck down, raglan style, with a few different twists, using any yarn, finding your gauge, and working out the math. Telephone/email support available after the class ends. This class is for beginner to advanced, you must know how to do basic knitting and increases and decreases, bind off. 8 page detailed information to get you though a neck down sweater provided.  Student needs to bring to class, knitting supplies, appropiate needles for your yarn chosen, markers, rulers, etc.

Instructor: Ellen Sullivan(bio above)

Class fee: Cost is $30. Maximum of 15 students. Email for registration details.

Class will be held Saturday  April 29th 2 pm – 4 pm


You will be knitting a mobius scarf from the cast on in the middle and knitting outward. Student must know how to increase, knit and purl, and bind off. Materials needed by student are 50″ + knitting needle size 10.5 up to size 15.  Yarn – a fine glitz, a fuzzy and a base yarn. 2 markers.

Instructor:  Ellen Sullivan ( bio above)

Class fee:  Cost is $30. Maximum of 10 students.  Email for registration details.

Class will be held on Sunday April 30th 10 am to 12 noon.


What is Darning?

Make your alpaca or any animal fiber clothing last longer. Learn this very old skill to save you money by mending your knit clothing, socks and mittens! Darning egg and darning needle included in the price of the class. Bring something to mend or practice on some knit items in class.

Instructor: Barb McFadden, The Felted Soap Lady

Class Fee:  Cost is $15. Register and pay at the door for the class.

Class will be held on Saturday April 29th from 8:30 – 10:30 am


LEARN THE BASICS OF INKLE WEAVING!                                                                                                                                                                         inkle loom

Learn how to work the inkle loom from start to finish. Inkle weaving is a form of weaving that gives you long bands or belts that you can turn into almost anything. Many people use them for purse straps, guitar straps, belts and when sewn together you can make anything from bags to blankets.  Students will create a colorful patterned belt that they can wear every day. These belts will made out of a mix of different fibers including wool and acrylic.  The great thing about these belts is they are sturdy enough to keep your pants up, yet they are also flexible and give when you are moving  and they don’t dig in and hurt while you are going about your day.

Instructor: Bethanea Kottwitz has been a crafter and artist for her whole life.  Her introduction in fiber started 12 years ago when  she learned how to sew.  Since then she has expanded  her knowledge to many other fiber crafts.  Bethanea was introduced into the world of needle felting over 8 years ago and fell in love with wool.  She now enjoys spinning. both wet and needle felting, dyeing, crocheting and her newest love inkle weaving.  Bethanea has her own “fiber” herd of 3 angora rabbits and 3 poodle mix dogs.

Class Fee:  Cost is $35 payable at the beginning of the class.  This covers the rental of a loom and all needed supplies. Email to register.  Class size is limited to 8 students.

Class will be held on Saturday April 29th from 12:30 – 3:30                                      

WEAVE A DISHCLOTH                                                                          
COST:  $40…includes the use of a loom for the class, yarn for project, handout/class notes.  If loom purchase is desired, the cost for the  10.5″ cherry wood loom is $45. to register.

Workshop Description: Using a  solid 10.5” wooden frame loom, participants will learn to weave a square with a continuous strand of cotton yarn.  The completed square makes a superb dishcloth.  Participants will learn to weave using a simple crochet hook.  The continuous strand  weaving technique on the 10.5″ loom learned in class can be used for many projects. Project ideas will be included in the class handout.

Students should bring: Blunt tapestry needle, scissors, pen/pencil
Class size limit: 10
Experience level needed: No weaving experience, but must be able to hold and manipulate a crochet hook for weaving over/under pattern.

Instructor:  : Jane Grogan from Madison, Wisconsin has been fascinated with small loom weaving since 1999 when she got her first small square and triangle looms.  It was when she found diamond and rectangle shaped looms that Jane fell in love with combining shapes to form different geometric pieces.  Who would have thought that 10th grade geometry would have a place in every day life.   Jane has held workshops on continuous strand weaving techniques  at the  Midwest Fiber and Folk Art Fair, Black Sheep Gathering, Madison Knitters’ Guild Knit-In, the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival, Fiber on the Farm in Watertown,  and the  Great Midwest Alpaca Fest.


Beginning Knitting

Whether you’ve never knit before, or it’s been decades since you picked up those knitting needles aunty gave you, come to this class and learn to knit a simple sample.  You will learn to cast on, learn a few basic stitches, knit evenly, and bind off. stitches include knit,purl,stockinette and rib. we will also explore some web sites with free patterns. I will have a variety of knitting needles and yarns (including alpaca) on hand, or bring your own.

Instructor: Chris Rogers

Class Fee: Cost is $10. includes yarn and needles, or FREE if you bring your own yarn and needles. Limited to a maximum of 10 students.  Email  to register.

Class will be held on Sunday April 30 from 12:30 to 2:30

Beginning Drop Spindle Class
Length: 1 hour                                                                                                                                     IMG_2242 (1)
This beginning class will get you started in the basics of spinning on a drop spindle.
Join in a tradition that has been around for 1000’s of years!
The drop spindle is an inexpensive way to get your fingers in the world of spinning.
Spinning your own yarn is relaxing and with a spindle it can easily be taken with you anywhere you go.
Class fee: $20 includes your own drop spindle and wool.  Class limited to 15 students.
Email  to register for the class.  Pay at the door.
Instructor: Casi Berry, of This That and the Other, has been doing all kinds of crafts for most of her life including crochet and knit.  She has been spinning for over 15 years. First learning to spin on a drop spindle at the Northern California Renaissance Faire and now loves to spin most anything from alpaca, bamboo, and silk, to milk fiber.
She loves to share the joy of crafting with others.
Class will be held on Saturday April 29th from 12: 30 – 1:30

Nuno/Wet Felt Shoulder Bag     2017-04-03 14.42.25_resized

You will be a walking piece of art as you paint the town with this colorful shoulder bag! Learn to nuno felt using a resist and hand carded merino wool batting, embellished with hand dyed silk hankies and Wensleydale wool locks. Alternate colorways will be available but if you are looking for something specific, please include your color requests in your email registration. Your unique finished piece of art will be approx. 13″ x 13″, not including your choice of length for a strap.  No prior felting experience required.

Instructor: Kathryn Ertl from Thorntree Pass. Kathryn has always had a passion for gifting handmade items, dabbling in beadwork, quilting, dried floral arrangements, etc. But, she fell madly in love with fiber art, primarily wet and needle felting with wool. She has been teaching felting classes for over 5 years, currently holding weekly classes and selling handmade items at Xpressions Yarn & Bead Boutique in West Bend, WI. Over the last year, she has spent an extensive amount of time in the dye pot, dyeing many different wool breeds and silk fiber. She has recently obtained the Redding Method Master Dyer and Instructor certification and will be teaching dye classes in the near future. She loves teaching and enjoys sharing her fiber and color addiction with all ages!

Class Fee: $75, payable upon registration. All materials included (approximately 8oz merino wool, 2oz wool locks, ½ oz silk hankies). Email to register.

Class will be held on Sunday, April 30th from 10:00am to 3:00pm




Spry Whimsy Fiber Arts – Peter will be demonstrating felting at their booth, along with spinning.

Lindago Farms and Kele Alpacas – Linda and LeAnna will be doing demonstrations on their felting machine at their booth.

Hums of Faith Suris –  Laurie will be giving suri  spinning demos at their stall.



Please email Jim Konyn or call 920-834-5447 for more information.